Band Members

Who are we really? How did we get even get here? Why would anyone want to know more about us? Do we really interest you? Should we reveal our dark sides or try to feed an illusion of our own perfection? Sometimes it seems, everything around us is an illusion and it would be easy just to contribute to it. Would anyone believe us though?


weapon of choice guitar
element fire
favourites maiden, garry, zakk
favourite works brave new world
head in the clouds? sometimes for sure
beer, wine or whiskey? jack daniels
favourite bank to rob? national bank of Greece :D
favourite invention glass fusing
when or where to live? isle of Crete during summer
special trait feel my power!
master of glass
passion for everything that's beautiful :D
zodiac pisces
virtue never step back!
burry me under the Olymp


weapon of choice drums
element earth
favourites priest, maiden, gn'r
favourite works painkiller
head in the clouds? always
beer, wine or whiskey? water
favourite bank to rob? lloyds
favourite invention printing press
when or where to live? within the mind of a genius
special trait very loud laughing
master of computers
passion for chocolate
zodiac capricorn
virtue loyalty
burry me in the ground


weapon of choice vocal
element fire
favourites kopernik, voltaire & myself
favourite works vulgar display of power
head in the clouds? as often as it gets
beer, wine or whiskey? beer, wine AND whiskey
favourite bank to rob? one after another
favourite invention things made by nature
when or where to live? in another dimension
special trait seeing things unseen
master of imaginations
passion for life
zodiac scorpio
virtue keeping my own face
burry me undead do not die


weapon of choice bass
element air
favourites sevenfold, purple, queen
favourite works purpendicular
head in the clouds? only while dreaming
beer, wine or whiskey? brandy
favourite bank to rob? j&t bank
favourite invention wheel
when or where to live? 23rd century
special trait always ready for the show
master of noise
passion for music
zodiac leo
virtue empathy
burry me under an oak tree


weapon of choice guitar
element fire
favourites death, slayer, megadeth, hypocrisy
favourite works symbolic
head in the clouds? never
beer, wine or whiskey? beer
favourite bank to rob? tatrabanka
favourite invention electricity
when or where to live? right here, right now
special trait bustling atheist
master of numbers
passion for pc games
zodiac capricorn
virtue accountability
burry me burn me