Pagans, Christians, atheists, fools… Is that who we are? Are these our enemies? Perhaps it's better to conceal the truth, to look forward without dwelling in the past too much. For our origins are long and unclear, stretching from the Acropolis of Athens to Carpathian forests, shifting from digits and order to chaos and freedom. Our diverse fates make it hard to define who we really are. We like to think we control the elements while, in fact, it's the elements controlling us. They won't let us sleep, keep driving us to play hard music, making barriers, fears and doubts disappear.

"And then there was light...", some like to say. Perhaps, though for all we know, in the beginning there was Sadin, Ghost and B.K. Three floating islands suddenly clashing together. Without their clash, there would be no sound, and there would be no Revoltage. By just a single thought, an inception, a bond was forged, a bond that survived the test of time. Soon after that came Achilleas, master of glass and lord of fire and along came ancient strength, crafts and priceless artefacts. Still incomplete, we kept scouting through the shrouds that surrounded us until we found the last missing piece. Alex, the forsaken warrior of the hard-rock faith and master of five strings. Our encounter triggered events long anticipated, blasting away thick walls confining us.

Together we now stand, watching the misery and wickedness of this world, a world ruled by money, greed and injustice. Since the dawn of civilisation, our society has always been like that yet we refuse to give up on our hopes. desires and fight for liberty. We're bound together by art and rock rebellion, we're bound by Revoltage...